Many migrant and seasonal farmworker families have emigrated from another country to work in U.S. agricultural fields.  For today’s blog, we’re going to highlight the story of one such family.  12-year-old Kimberly from Bakersfield, CA, in fact, will tell you all about it…


“My name is Kimberly, and my parents are field workers.  My parents are from Mexico, but they came to the United States in hopes to find good jobs.  They ended up working in the fields.  My mom has worked in picking potatoes, carrots, green beans, and grape fields.  My dad has worked in the bell pepper fields.  Now I’ll tell you about the challenges I face and my dreams.

A few challenges I face are difficult for me because I’m twelve years old and have an older brother.  One challenge I face is having to go to extra school, I have to go because my parents work a lot.  Another challenge is having to do chores and cook for myself.  Additionally, I have to wake up early.  This is a challenge that not a lot of students have to go through.  However, my most difficult challenge is that my parents aren’t always there and…  Enough negativity, let’s talk about something positive:  my dreams and goals.

My dream is to become a police officer with my friend Jocellyn, and help citizens all over California.  My major goal is to get a good job and help give money to my parents for rent and other things.  I dream of having a good future, with a nice home and a family of four.  I also want to get a good car, a Mustang, Camaro, or a Challenger.  Another dream of mine is to help everyone I can, however I can.  Lastly, I want to stop people from committing suicide, because I don’t think that it’s worth it.

In conclusion, I am glad that my parents are loving and give love and affection to my brother and I.  My topics were challenges and dreams, positive and negative.  I’d like to say that whenever you’re feeling down, don’t think about suicide, think about the good and the positive.  I would like to say that, living a life with field-working parents is hard, but at the end of the day, life is a life.  No matter how difficult, be grateful.”


Thank you, Kimberly, for submitting your story to our Art & Essay Contest for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Children last year.  We are amazed at your optimistic and determined spirit, and at the resiliency of all farmworker children.  It is our joy to support and fight for you.

We are nearing April 1st, 2020, when our 2020 contest will officially open!  Contest theme will be announced on our website – so stay tuned!

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