Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to celebrate with family and friends, and to be thankful for the year’s blessings.  At AFOP Health & Safety Programs, we want to say thank you to the women, men, and children who work in the fields all year long.  Thanksgiving would not be possible without all your hard work.

 To all the wonderful farmworkers, thank you for everything!  Thank You for the demanding physical labor you perform on a daily basis, for very little pay.   Thank You for your hard hours of sweat beneath the unforgiving sun.    Thank You for your back-breaking efforts among the massive amounts of pesticides.  Thank You for all the sacrifices you make in order to support your family while exposing yourself to innumerable health hazards.  Thank You for the long hours of work, and for sacrificing time you’d rather be sharing with your family.  Thank You for overcoming daily hazards, language barriers, aches, and pains, and for still having a smile in your face.  Thank You for your kindness and for the love you put into harvesting every piece of food you pick.  Thank You for harvesting with love the food on our tables that we enjoy so much.


You do so much for us, how can we ever repay you?  Today and every day we want to thank you and recognize you for the hard work that you do with love, despite the challenges you endure.


We promise not to forget you and to always be grateful.  We promise to continue advocating on your behalf to strengthen laws that will better protect you and your families.  We promise to continue providing excellence in every health and safety training we provide.  We promise to continue giving you the tools and resources to stay safe, healthy, and empowered.  Most importantly, we promise to never give up fighting for your rights.


With deepest gratitude,

AFOP’s Health & Safety Program staff and trainers


Farm workers are involved in the planting, cultivation and the harvesting of the greatest abundance of food known in this society. The ironic thing and the tragic thing is that after they make this tremendous contribution, they don’t have any money or any food left for themselves.  – César Chávez


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