NFAW Begins. Get Involved!

Today is the start of the celebration of National Farmworker Awareness Week. This is a very exciting week where advocates, organizations, universities, and communities celebrate and honor the 2.5 million farmworker that dedicate their lives to harvest the food we consume 3x daily. During the week of March 26-31, 2017 many activities will be held nationwide.

NFAW Banner.jpg

As part of AFOP’s Health & Safety Programs effort to bring awareness to the work and lives of farmworkers in the United States. We are sponsoring our annual National Long-Sleeve Shirt Drive throughout the United States. Many of AFOP’s member organizations and other advocate organizations, companies, churches and universities have joined our national drive.  There will be multiple drop-off locations in many states, please click here to learn where you can drop-off your gently used long-sleeve shirt.

In addition to the National Long-Sleeve Shirt Drive, AFOP Health & Safety Programs will be posting daily blogs to create awareness about the many obstacles faced by farmworkers. We will be also posting and sharing important information on our social media platforms.  Stay tune and follow us (@afophealth) on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog and YouTube.

Where ever you are, you can get involved in your community.  Join the effort to honor those who feed us!

Happy National Farmworker Awareness Week.